XC - Jumping Skinnys

  1. Horses can be educated in the arena first. Use some short poles with wings and you can also include guiding poles on the sides. These can be brought in to make the fence narrower. You can also set up combinations in the arena. Always start low and gradually build on this. Also use low ones on blocks rather than wings to teach your horse not to rely on wings.

  2. It is important to have equal leg to rein contact to guide them through the centre of the fence.

  3. Always look through the flags ahead - if you look down that's where your likely to end up!!!

  4. Repetition, repetition is key to confidence for your horse as well as you.

  5. Practice in XC schooling but jump “normal” fences first to get both your horses and your eye in, warmed up and working together.

  6. Have someone with you who can put in guiding poles if necessary - particularly with young or inexperienced horses during training.

  7. Don't always use speed. At appropriate heights you can trot in.