XC - Riding XC fences on undulating ground

  1. On undulating ground your first priority is to keep your own balance so you don’t unbalance the horse.

  2. Jumps on gentle slopes or undulations can seem much more challenging than the same jump on flat ground.

  3. Uphill approaches require slightly more forward riding to maintain the horse’s hind legs.

  4. Downhill undulations require more upper body control to maintain your horse's pace and balance making sure they don’t run down the slope.

  5. When you have to make a turn or curve between fences on undulating ground you need even more balance.

  6. Find somewhere on your hack with slopes and practice riding up and down and across at different angles so you learn where your weight needs to be to keep your horse balanced.

  7. Keep your weight evenly in both stirrups through the balls of your feet and channel your horse to the fences.