XC - Water fences

  1. Always have welly boots on to walk the course so that when you get to the water fence you can walk through the water.

  2. This will tell you the depth of the water, what the footing is like and you can walk your line properly.

  3. In the summer if you haven’t got boots on bare feet is always good!!

  4. The water will have a natural drag against the horses forward motion and can unbalance them.

  5. Make sure you give your horse enough time on the approach to read the fence so don’t cut your turn and come in fast.

  6. Therefore make sure your horse is balanced and the stride isn’t too long. It is best to have the stride smaller with an active canter. This will reduce the risk of tripping in the water and an early bath!

  7. Be aware of the reflection on the water from the sun as this may reduce visibility and therefore the horse may not read it correctly.

  8. When you go up a level in Eventing always make sure you know what you could expect at water fences as some will include jumps in the middle as well as into and out of it.